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#586 Favourite Brick Friday: 14419 1x2 Modified Plate with Ball and Socket Joint

This week's favourite brick(s) are a specific type of modified plates; ball and socket joints.

So what makes ball and socket joints different from other modified plates? Well, if you can't quite get that perfect angle or connection or there's an annoying gap between parts in your build, this is the joint to use. The ball and socket allow you to angle and hinge the attached parts in a wider range of positions compared to the other hinges, because they aren't limited to just one plane of motion.

They have been used to great effect by Nick Brick on Flickr, who relies on them to create the curved shape of a full scale helmet from Halo. The joints allow Nick to create the perfect positioning of the tiles and wedge plates, so that there are very few gaps between each of the piece. Follow this link for more pictures of the build:

Here is one of the more useful ball and socket joints on Bricklink:,%20Modified%201%20x%202%20with%20Towball%20and%20Small%20Towball%20Socket%20on%20Ends&category=%5BPlate,%20Modified%5D#T=P


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