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#589 MOC of the Week: Bricks Speak(er) Louder than Words

This week's MOC feature is a huge 17,000+ part speaker and stand built by Aaron - Brick Designer and Bruce Heller. This stunning MOC was a commissioned build and you can view the full timeline, design process and more pictures of the project on Aaron's website here:

The MOC's huge size means some great techniques can be used that just wouldn't work at a smaller scale. The grain of the wooden side panelling for example is detailed with 1 stud wide tiles in various colours, that blend perfectly together all thanks to the scale. This also allows Aaron to have no gaps even in the actual speakers themselves that are complex conical shapes, created with wedge plates and mixel joints.

The model, standing at 4'10 took a lot of planning, and what makes it even more impressive is Aaron only had around 2 weeks to design it! Built in Bricklink's first, it then required a few extra builders, custom brick engraving, implementation of metal support piping, and tons of permanence gluing to bring the physical model to life!


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