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#593 Favourite Brick Friday: 30536 8x4x2 Curved Windscreen with 2 locking fingers

This week's favourite brick is a fairly unique and rare piece; it's only appeared in 12 sets from 2001-2006 and has a distinct curved surface. It was used in these sets as a windscreens such as 7779 Batman Dragster, but its curved surface can be utilised to create a conical shape.

Discovered by Blake Foster on Flickr, he uses 16 of this piece to create the bridge of his Manticore starship. The piece has racketed hinges on one end, allowing it to be attached and angled. More hinges can be used to link each section together, and when 16 are used the conical shape can be completed. This is perfect as a viewing port or bridge and the unique shape of the pieces mean there are barely any visible gaps.

Check out the Manticore MOC on Flickr here:

Here is the piece on Bricklink:


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