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#596 MOC of the Week: 'UCS MG-100 StarFortress SF-17' by Mirko Soppelsa

This stunning MOC has been circulating around many LEGO groups on Facebook this week, but it's too great to not share and make this week's MOC of the Week.

If you haven't see Mirko Soppelsa's UCS scale builds before then you've been missing out, and this latest model is no different. Recreating the Resistance Bomber, technically called the MG-100 StarFortress SF-17, the model is minifigure scale and can fit three minifigures within it's decently sized interior. The sides can be opened to reveal the supply of bombs and the ladder the pilots must climb to reach the cockpit.

The greebling (mechanical details that have no mechanical function) look very accurate and the detail incorporated via unique parts uses is incredible; the highlight for me are the tyres as engines. Mirko has captured the shaping of the ship to it's precise angles, using a variety of slopes and wedge plates angled to achieve the desired shape.

Instructions for this fantastic model will be coming soon, but in the meantime make sure you're following Mirko on Flickr:

Check out more pictures on his website:


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