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#610 MOC of the Week: 'Vietnam Rocky Highland' by Know Your Pieces

This week we have an incredibly vibrant entry by Know Your Pieces on Flickr. Check out the post here and make sure to give their other builds a look too:

The MOC is unparalleled in terms of unique part uses, with some really clever constructions of the chicken house roof and telephone poles. The 1x1 clips attached loosely together is a great technique for flowing water and the long tentacle pieces do a superb job of creating thin tree trunks.

Natural rockwork and landscape have been created using a range of brown slopes positioned at different angles using Studs Not On Top techniques. The water is another honourable highlight, with a gradient of various shades giving an great effect.

The blend of colours in this build are truly eye catching, and the builder has selected the brightest shades of blue and green to give the model it's vibrancy. The natural colours of brown and olive green contrast well and additions of pearl gold to the water wheel elevate the model to even greater heights.


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