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#620 TECHNIQUES: Flooring techniques

Today I'm presenting to you two techniques I've never really been seen before, and that came together when I was experimenting with bricks in LEGO Digital Designer.

The first technique uses the fact that 1x2 hinge pieces attached to modified bricks with studs on the side and a plate makes the surfaces line up perfectly.

Via this technique, I formed a detailed flooring with ventilation grates and pipes, creating a more interesting texture compared to just using 1x2 grill tiles. And, what's better is it creates a completely flat surface for minifigures to stand on.

The second technique stems from a very certain 1x4 tile; the ones with wooden plank printing. They are arranged using headlight bricks and jumper plates to create small gaps between the floorboards, adding more detail than if you were to just place the 1x4 tiles normally.

Let me know your thoughts on both techniques and if you like my designs you check out more on my personal Flickr here:


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