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#629 SHARE: Vignette series by Marcel V.

Today we're taking the opportunity to share with you one of our favourite builders ever; Marcel V. So why do we love his builds? Not only do they all use interesting techniques, many of which we've never even seen before, but his attitude towards building is truly impressive and inspiring.

He recently finished his vignette series, and wrote on a collage post that his aim was "to try to show other builders with a small collection that huge builds with tons of parts aren't necessary to create something cool". These are some wise words, as even if you feel you don't have enough pieces to build something interesting, the pictured builds show that size matters not. We especially love the flooring techniques he used for some of them, as well as the rice terraces and just about everything about that ship vignette!

Make sure to check out Marcel's Flickr and follow him if you aren't already:


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