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#642 Favourite Brick Friday: 60470 1x2 Modified Plate with Horizontal Clips

This weeks favourite brick is actually a very common one that I’m sure most, if not all of you, are familiar with. However, I think I’ve found a very interesting and unique use for the 1x2 clip which I stumbled upon when sorting bricks.

I found that 2x2 round plates and the antistuds on their base were the same diameter as the clips. This meant that if connected with a technic axle as pictured, the 2x2 round plate would latch onto the clip, creating a cylinder with very few gaps. I used this technique to model an engine design, which could easily be attached via the 1x2 clips studs.

For those of you concerned by if it’s an ‘illegal’ technique (one that puts stress on the elements) then my answer is yes and no. Yes because to actually connect the round plates in the middle of the clip required some pushing of the parts, but no because after this it is very secure and doesn’t seem to stress the pieces. So think of it as you will, but it was too interesting a connection not to share.

I’ve not seen anyone else use this technique before and I’ll be posting this and another technique to my personal Flickr soon, which you can follow using this link if you’re interested:

Here is the piece on Bricklink:{"iconly":0}


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