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#650 TIPS: Beware of headlight bricks...

If I had to tell you what piece was quoted most often as people's favourite when asked, it would definitely be the 1x1 headlight brick, at least from my experience. It's no real surprise; it's a great piece useful for a variety of techniques.

However, today I'm highlighting something a found when I was recently building a MOC. I had built it first on LDD, a digital design software, but when I came to construct it with physical bricks, I found that the 1x1 headlight bricks I had used to change the direction of building just wouldn't work without putting stress on the pieces.

As you can see from the bottom of the image, if bricks are placed directly next to the headlight brick, the stud on the side actually extends further out so bricks CANNOT be placed next to them. If you do, stress is created between the bricks. So next time you're using headlight bricks, watch out for this especially if you're using digital design software; it's not a problem you want to run into!

Did you know about this? Let us know in the comments because we were pretty surprised to find this. At first I thought it was a different variant of the headlight brick, but looking on Bricklink that doesn't seem to be the case:{"iconly":0}

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