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#664: 'Tree Techniques' handbook announcement

Today we're taking a break from our normal flow of posts to announce our next handbook; we can now reveal it will be centered around tree techniques! We took all your advice and feedback from our first handbook and our happy to announce the following:

- The handbook will include over 35 different techniques for building a range of tree designs - The handbook will feature explanations, price guides, part lists and full instructions for each technique so you can include them in your own MOCs - It will be available for digital purchase on July 1st 2019 (unlikely, but possibly subject to change) - It will be available for physical purchase as an A5 booklet in September 2019 (hopefully at the latest)

If you've been following our friend Full Plate Builds you'll have seen the brick-built text he's created for us, and we want to thank him and all the other builders we'll be featuring for their collaboration.

From your feedback it was clear you wanted instructions for each technique and to get your hands on physical copies, so we're excited to be able to bring both of these with our next product. We'll also be reaching out to some of our keenest fans and the communities best builders for feedback on the product before launch, so start getting excited for July!


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