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#673 MOC of the Week: Rebel fleet by Jorstad Designs, LLC

This week's MOC of the week is an entire Rebel fleet by Jorstad Designs! There are 15 ships in total, totalling 5,010 pieces and you can purchase instructions for all of them here:

What's really tricky to get right with Star Wars ships especially is their shaping, as the Rebel ships feature a lot of curved surfaces. To recreate these curves on the larger ships, a range of slopes have been used and been positioned at various angles using hinges and SNOT bricks. A perfect blend of colours is used on the larger ships to simulate the wear and tear of Rebel ships and this is a great contrast, preventing the ships from being an unsightly pure grey. The surrounding ships are all distinguishable despite their small size and their bright colours make this fleet a spectactular sight to behold! If only LEGO would release a UCS set like this for us AFOLs!


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