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#677 Favourite Brick of the week: x71 Elastic Band (Rubber Belt)

This week's favourite brick is not actually a brick, but an elastic band; you might have built a few sets that include these for various play features such as opening the S-foils of an X-Wing. However, they're much more useful for other applications that you ma not have considered before.

Our favourite use has to be by Inthert, who often uses them in his Star Wars vehicles as internal wiring under the ship's panels. The elastic bands are perfect for this application as they can be twisted and hooked around parts, adding detail in places you may never have thought about before. Check out his X-Wing MOC here:

Some other interesting applications include holding parts in place, like these two little builds by Luke Watkins Hutchinson:

Here is the piece on Bricklink:{"iconly":0}


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