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#678 TIPS: General techniques for large scale MOCs

A few weeks ago we made a post about our top 5 tips for building large scale MOCs, and this Saturday we're looking at some general building techniques you'll likely consider if you want to build big.

The first may be the most important; build your MOC to transport if you plan to display it at shows. You can do this by having sections pull apart and a common technique is using technic bricks and linkers to connect each section.

The second general technique concerns building raised sections, where your main aim is to get the most out of your bricks. Instead of building a solid block of bricks, most builders choose to build pillars or rows for support underneath larger plates; that way there's empty space that isn't using up bricks. However, be careful if you're planning to transport and there's lots of empty space, as it will be more fragile.

Our last general technique is landscaping. It's hard to give many tips for this apart from to use a lot of plates to build up and vary the terrain, so we'll recommend this article about creating a medieval village:


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