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#684 Favourite Brick Friday: 36752c01 Minifigure Wand on Sprue

This week's favourite brick is a piece introduced last year and remains one of our favourites; it's the minifigure wand on sprue. When the wands are left on the sprue, the entire part can create some intricate designs for a range of applications.

It's popularly used in fencing such as the example by Andreas Lenander but they have also been put to great use as chairs by Barthezz Brick! Check out their posts here:

It's a shame that LEGO changed the design of the sprue; they made it simpler (for reasons unknown to us, but please let us know in the comments) which means it doesn't quite look as good, so if you have the old versions make sure to save them!

Here is the piece on Bricklink:{"color":"88","iconly":0}


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