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#685 TIPS: 1x1 technic brick vs. 1x1 SNOT brick

Today we're comparing two bricks that can be used for the same purpose, but are actually different in more ways than you might think, from their dimensions to other uses.

In terms of uses, the SNOT brick will give a stronger connection while the technic brick allows the attached pieces to be rotated easily. The technic brick is also more versatile, as you can obviously remove the technic half pin and use it in other applications. Lastly, although both have 'open studs' the hole in the technic brick can be unsightly if the back of the piece is showing.

In terms of dimensions, they differ very slightly. The technic brick's hole is actually slightly higher than the SNOT brick, which you may not think matters much, but it's there and creates a slight gap if you put plates over. This has been confirmed by an official LEGO designer who made this document on illegal connections that you can view here:


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