#69 TECHNIQUES - Advanced staircases

Today we will look at 2 different spiral staircases, which look much better than just stacking bricks, and utilise a nice technique.

Although both show a spiral staircase, they employ different pieces to do so. The light grey one is achieved with PLATE W/ANGLE pieces and they have been arranged using studs (1x1 rounded plate) to place them at a slight angle. This allows the "wedge" plates to roughly line up and form the staircase.

The second staircase uses only 3 elements, and covers a smaller area meaning the spiral staircase can fit in many compact environments. It is built up using 1x4 plates with only 2 studs, and this allows them to be positioned at a slight angle.

So both use studs to achieve the slight angle need to create the spiral, both the first is better for larger spaces and the second for more compact.