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#698 Favourite Brick Friday: 30377 Arm Mechanical, Battle Droid

This week's favourite brick is one that if you're a Star Wars fan like myself, you're likely to have an abundance of! It's the droid arm, introduced back in 1999 for the Star Wars battle droids and which has appeared in 414 sets since then! It's unique shape makes it perfect for many applications like those pictured.

Deborah Higdon uses then in conjunction with flex tubes, minifigure hands and 4L bars to create an intricate bench and table design:

Our favourite use though has to be the straw roof design by Legonardo Davidy on Flickr. A lot of the piece are needed, but we think the effect is definitely worth it! check out the MOC here:

Here is the piece on Bricklink:{"color":"2","iconly":0}


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