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#699 TIPS: SNOT calculations

SNOT; probably the most useful technique out there, and definitely the most diverse. SNOT stands for Studs Not On Top, and basically means any technique where the pieces aren't stacked with the studs going straight up like normal, but the studs face different directions. It's essential for creating detail and various shapes in MOCs, so today we'll look at the calculations behind the different SNOT pieces.

First off you should know the key ratio; 5:2. This refers to a 1x2 plate or 2 studs in length being the same measurement as 5 stacked plates. It's very important when using bricks with stud on their sides as you can use it to get pieces to line up and lay flush next to each other. Although you can use trial an error, if you are aware of the values of each brick it makes things much easier.

Hopefully all is explained in the image, but for example the headlight brick is the equivalent of 2 plates in width. So to make the edge of a 1x2 plate lie flush with the plates attached, 3 more plates are used. If you're confused about something please ask in the comments and we'll do our best to explain further.


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