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#701 MOC of the Week: 'I Saw Spider-Man Today' by Barthezz Brick

This week's MOC of the week is a huge Super Hero themed build by Barthezz Brick. Titled 'I Saw Spider-Man Today', it depicts Spiderman aiding a police officer in capturing a robber and features some stunning details and textures.

We'll start at the bottom; we love the irregularly shaped base that shows incredible details such as the pipes underneath the busy city. And it certainly is busy, with the streets littered with people and the taxi, street food stall and more details wherever you look. Attention has also been given to the buildings, with a variety of pieces such as wings and ring clips to create intricate stone details and some clever techniques such as using lever bases to position glass panes on the balcony.

You can check out more pictures of the build with this Flickr album:


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