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#705 Favourite Brick Friday: 4081 1x1 Modified Plate with Clip Light - Thick Ring

This week's favourite brick is the 1x1 modified plate with ring, that is used for a variety of applications in sets, having appeared in over 1200 since it's introduction in 1980.

It's a common piece that's actually very unique; no other piece has the ring attachment that has a stud on both sides. Therefore, as shown in the picture, you can use it to get very small gaps between the pieces, which could be useful for vents or other aesthetic details.

It's also very useful for smaller applications such as car wing mirrors or stone wall details, but can be used for other complex situations such as using it to build in both directions as pictured. It really is a great piece to have a bunch of lying around; you never know what use you'll find for it.

Here is the piece on Bricklink:{"color":"5","iconly":0}


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