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#708 MOC(s) of the Week: LEGO Star Wars Dioramas

Today we're featuring 2 massive builds from Youtubers RichBoyJhae and TheBrickWiz. They build LEGO Star Wars displays and produce weekly building videos on their channels that you should definitely check out if you haven't already.

We don't normally feature two builds in one post, but we chose to select these builds not only for their scale and incredible detail, but also due to the unfortunate circumstances these two Youtubers have been under lately. They both livestream the building process on YouTube, and one individual donated a large amount of money to help fund their projects over a course of months, only to later withdraw the donations after they had spent that money funding their LEGO MOCs. In short, they got scammed and were plunged into over £3000 of debt collectively. Fortunately, the online community has banded together to help them through, and if you would like to show your support to these two awesome members of the community, please consider supporting them by donating to their GoFundMe pages, where you can also read more of the story:


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