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#712 Favourite Brick Friday: 24324 Book Binding with Two Studs

This week's favourite brick is the book piece! It was introduced in 2016 and has appeared in 34 sets to date. It's a very unique part in it's shape and it may seem to have limited uses, but not accordingly to some builders!

Perhaps the best applications for this piece come from Patrick B aka. balbo on Instagram, who utilizes them for his minifigure scale furnishings. The unique texture of the books and the bar moulded into the side of them allows them to be attached to other pieces in a variety of ways. Check out Patrick's Instagram here:

Another way to use this piece is in microscale scenarios, where the detail of the piece helps you use as fewer pieces possible but still convey the shape you're going for. Sarah Beyer on Flickr used it to create a cute microscale van; a build that in total uses just 15 parts! Check it out here:

Here is the book piece on Bricklink:{"color":11,"iconly":0}


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