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#713 TIPS: Brick sculpturing from FrostBricks

Today we're sharing some tips for creating basic brick sculptures from YoutuberFrostBricks. Check out the video here:

Not everyone has time to watch an 8 minute video, so we condensed the information down into a single image; but we highly recommend giving the video a view if you have a spare ten minutes. It's perfect for anyone wanting to get into basic brick sculptures and Frostbricks explains going from concept to creation extremely well. So, here are his steps:

1. Decide what you’re going to build – it could be your favourite of something for example

2. Build a flat, 2 dimensional shape with basic bricks and plates to get the correct proportions and a basic framework to build off

3. Extrude the model and give the model a 3rd dimensional. Move the parts part and reinforce the bricks with a structure behind them – still using basic bricks

4. Think about how to make the sculpture more realistic; use SNOT techniques and slopes to get smooth edges and specialised pieces to add more details and texture

Another important tip given is whether to make your sculpture an odd or even number of studs. With odd, you can create more details and get a thinner centre line, while even, as most bricks come in even numbers are better for a good structure


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