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#715 MOC of the Week: Stronghold Ard-darragh

This week's MOC of the Week is an epic castle named Stronghold Ard-darragh by Michal Herbolt.

The scale of the build is impressive, yes, but the level is detail is truly what blew us away. Techniques such as for the flooring, roofs and stone walls go the extra mile in terms of detail and the mountain rock with the contrasting colours of dark bluish grey and green adds nice variety to the colour palette. We also love how Micheal builds the walls at different angles to the base of the MOC. This may be a small thing, but looks so much better than having everything at right angles or in line with each other. We'd highly recommend checking out more close-ups of the MOC here:

Thanks to for reaching out to us and sharing their member's MOC with us :)


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