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#716 TECHNIQUES: 'Missing Memoirs' by Workshysteve

Today we're analysing the techniques used in this fantastic mini build by Workshysteve on Flickr. It just goes to show the simple yet stunning techniques and parts uses you can include in a relatively small MOC that make it very interesting to look at. Here are our favourite parts:

Roof - simply using 1x1 cheese slopes and 1x1 tiles, but creates a great roof texture

Wall - uses rounded plates, jumper plates and a variety of colours to create a dilapidated wall

Ground - uses rounded pieces and 1x4 hinge plates to create an uneven ground, as well as partially attached tiles to create a broken path

Tree - a simple yet realistic tree design, featuring some Studs Not On Top positioning of slopes

Make sure you check out more of his builds on Flickr here:


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