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#724 TECHNIQUE ANALYSIS: ‘Chapel by the Sea’ by Jonas Obermaier

Today we're taking a look at a stunning tropical MOC by Jonas Obermaier on Flickr. Named ‘Chapel by the Sea’, the MOC is eye-catching and features some great techniques and designs:

Walls - these are textured perfectly with a variety of different bricks and colours, and light bluish grey wings make for great intricate detailing. Roofs - these both feature clever parts usage; the dome is created using a Death Star half sphere and the tiled roof with Fabuland pieces. Flora - Jonas has included a range of great tree designs and the bright colours of green, red and yellow contrast well to the chapel building. Tiling - most of the surfaces are tiled to give a realistic look, but in areas such as for the wall and sand, studs are left exposed to provide texture.

Check out all of Jonas' builds on his Flickr account here:


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