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#75 TIPS: vs. LDD

Following the previous post about the digital design software, we will compare it with LEGO's own Digital Designer. To make it easier for you to view and gain from this information, lets look at the advantages of both:

Advantages of over LDD: - direct access to parts and Bricklink orders - better control of part placement and warnings of collisions - still has support for the software - access to built in rendering software - more options and menus to choose from - able to check price of pieces/model or unavailable parts - can import official sets easily - able to build with others

Advantages of LDD over - easy to get the hang of because of simple layout - freedom to use any piece in any colour - easy to import others creations from LEGO Gallery

As you can see, there are more advantages for, so overall I would recommend it as a design software. There are lots of features and the ability to render almost instantly, see prices of pieces and import directly to Bricklink make it really useful for advanced builders and designers.

However, I think that LDD is better if you are just starting to design digitally, because of the simple layout. In my opinion, you should start with LDD, then transition to when you have got used to the controls and building with it. It may be hard to change, but you will have the experience in a simple and easy software first.

Here are the links to the free design software:


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