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#764 MOC of the Week: 'Animal Kingdom'

This week's MOC of the Week is a simply stunning build by Lee Chi Wing or city son on Flickr, who constructed this collection of realistic animals. Check out his Flickr account here for more amazing builds:

Despite the animals having a vibrant and cleverly constructed stand to sit upon, the animals are definitely the highlight here. You're probably drawn to the majestic tiger first, and yes, it is one of if not the best designs for a tiger I've ever seen with the clever part uses especially around the face, but ALL of the animals are built to the same quality. Just look at the mandrill, with those 1x2 grill slopes and red crowbar as perfect applications as well as that adorable baby mandrill. Everywhere you look on each animal there are attempts to create realistic texturing that is so often lost with LEGO, making this one of my favourite MOCs ever!


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