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#77 Favourite Brick Friday: 11090 BAR HOLDER W/CLIP

The BAR HOLDER W/CLIP is a very useful piece in MOCs like many others, but I have chosen it because it is fairly unknown for one of it uses, and can be an essential part of an advanced technique we will look at next week.

Firstly, it has a clip and hole so it can be attached to handles and bar respectively. This allows you to use it for weapons or turrets as the bar can be placed in and the clips can be attached to handle pieces. The clips can also be used for fences and lots of other techniques.

The unknown connection this piece has is with any plate, as the hole that is meant for bars seems to fit almost perfectly into the tube of 1-wide plates or tiles , as seen in the picture. This connection can be especially useful for some techniques where plates must be displayed sideways, and because of the clip at the end of the piece, it can be attached at various angles.


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