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#775 Favourite Brick Friday: 32607 Plant Plate, Round 1 x 1 with 3 Leaves

Today's favourite brick is the 3 leaf plant plate, a fairly new addition to our greenery selection being introduced in 2018. It's definitely worth looking at for at LEGO Store Pick-a-Bricks and today we'll be looking at more unique uses than just stacking them.

The first technique creates a bush and is by Ben The Brick Builder on Instagram. He uses the newer style 3 stem and 6 stem pieces to position the leaves as well as some flowers to create a full design. Check out his account here:

The second technique is by jarekwally on Flickr, who uses the leaf pieces sideways to create convincing grass. This uses A LOT of parts but we think the effect is worth it! Check out his Flickr account here:


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