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#789 Favourite Brick Friday: 48092 4x4 Round Corner Brick with 3 Studs

This week's favourite brick is the 4x4 round corner brick, which was introduced in 2003 and is an excellent piece for adding curved walls / cylinders into your MOCs. However, it's curve allows it to perfectly align with 2 other pieces, 2339 1x5x4 arch brick and 30099 1x5x4 inverted arch brick, which makes it useful for a range of other applications.

Inspired by Phrozt Byte‎, a member of my local LUG, he used the pieces in a tablescrap showing the similar curve. I added to his build slightly, showing the technique could be used for any applications from spaceships exteriors to manhole covers.

The technique has also been used by W. Navarre on Flickr for an archway, where the round brick is great at providing a contrasting colour and shape to the building. Check out his post on Flickr here:


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