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#797 ANNOUNCEMENT: Physical handbooks coming soon!

Today we're taking a break from our usual content to announce that we're in the final stages of the production of physical copies of our two handbooks! Right now, we need an idea of numbers so please comment below if you would be interested in purchasing one of the physical handbooks. This does not tie you down to a purchase and is simply to inform us how much interest there is.

We are also working out postage costs to different countries (we are based in the UK), so if you are interested please also comment the country you live in, so we can add it to our list.

The handbooks will be A5 full colour spiral bound booklets but we will have more information including pictures of what the final products will look like very soon. The tree techniques handbook features 25 full tutorials for various types of trees across 100 pages, while the advanced handbook showcases over 130 techniques from a range of topics including creating water, walls and much more across 50 pages.

In the meantime, please comment below if you're interested or check out the digital handbooks which our available for digital purchase on our online store:

Alternatively, take a look at the two FREE handbooks we offer:

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Would love a physical book

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