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#80 Monday's MOC of the Week: Porsche Turbo

Updated: Aug 15, 2018

This weeks is by a Facebook page that makes some awesome cars: MOC supercar. We will look at his "Porsche Turbo" which has a lovely sand green colour as well as some great details which show he has been building these for a long time; and is damn good at it.

Here is a link to MOC Supercar, make sure to give the page a like:

Porsche, as a leading automobile manufacturer specializing in high-performance sports care, have designed many cars over the years, and MOC supercar has really captured the feel of the super brand. The sand green colour scheme is easy on the eye and creates a relaxed but professional feel to the build. This is enhanced with outlining colours of black and contrasting colours of sand yellow and transparent clear and orange. Metallic parts such as the wheels add a nice touch to the car, further bringing it to life.

What makes this build stand out for me is the inner structure and design underneath the bonnet. It is clear that he has put a lot of time into not only making the outer shell which has great shaping and angles, but the mechanism and suspensions that make this build highly detailed.

Make sure you go check out the page linked above for some other spectacular supercars.


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