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#801 TECHNIQUE ANALYSIS: 'Sunrise to Sunset'

Today we're looking at a rustic yet vibrant build by Josh on Flickr. The scene depicts travellers journeying across the wilderness and uses some simple techniques that are executed perfectly to create a brilliant build. Check it out on Flickr here:

Just looking at the flat terrain, tan plates are used to show the sandy environment but small patches of colour in the form of 1x1 studs, plates and stems contrast to well the tan plates. Onto the river, where wedge plates surrounding the river create more contrast and actually work very well despite the lack of pieces in general.

Moving to the back of the build, you can see some excellent rockwork where various dark bluish grey slopes are positioned sideways to create the natural and rugged texture. Above these rocks is then some excellent landscaping using a dark tan base and plenty of orange. To finish the build, green cacti and stems provide the last splash of colour that makes this build vibrant yet rustic.


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