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#803 Favourite Brick Friday: 2654 2x2 Round Plate with Rounded Bottom

This week's favourite brick is the 2x2 round plate, which is nicknamed the 'boat stud'. It's appeared in over 1500 sets since 1991 and today we'll be taking a look at some of it's unique uses.

In official sets the piece is used on the underside of builds, but it's unique bevelled surface shape makes it great for pebbles or rocks for a range of MOCs. It's been used by mk_bricks in a clever technique utilising bars to position the piece, whereas Dr. Zarkow on Flickr found a way to 'fix' the piece and actually secure it to plates. This involves wedge plates and a 1x1 round tile and actually creates a decent amount of grip between the parts if you were to transport the MOC it's being used in.

The piece itself is thinner than a plate and this paired with it's round shape makes it perfect in combination with the net piece to create all sorts of shapes. As pictured, Brian Williams on Flickr uses it to create a fancy cushion but the technique could be used for anything such as a curved roof.

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