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#81 TECHNIQUES - Pillars and columns

Today we will look at some SNOT techniques that can be used to create pillars. They are useful for buildings or if you are just looking for a decent SNOT technique.

They both heavily rely on SNOT (Studs Not On Top) and use lots of SNOT bricks to do this. The first cylindrical pillar is made of a combination of bricks that are able to angle the 1X2 jumper plates sideways. This allows tiles to be attached and a cylindrical shape is created with a smooth surfaces and defined edges.

The second, uses SNOT in a different way as it is all about getting smooth edges and defined surfaces. This is done by using arrangements of SNOT bricks and 1X1 plates, that layer up the slopes evenly to create the overall shape of the pillar. This is then repeated on the other side, allowing a design to be implanted using the 1X1 plates as the bricks sit well next to each other although they are going in different directions.


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