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#811 REVIEW: Products from FireStar Toys

Updated: May 1, 2021

This Saturday we're taking a look at some awesome printed parts from FireStar toys! They sent us a custom minifigure and four printed tiles, but although they sent them for free, this review will be unbiased.

Let's start with the custom minifigure - Finn from Star Wars: Episode 7 with a custom printed helmet, head and arms on official LEGO parts. Priced at £18.99 for the whole minifigure, it is pricey (but not too bad in comparison to a lot of custom minifigures) but we think it pays off, as you get a quality figure that couldn't be any more accurate. We especially love the printed arms, which is often lacking from official minifigures. If the price of the minifigure is too expensive, you could also consider just buying the helmet and adding it to one of your troopers, as that will only set you back £4.95. Check out the minifigure here:

Onto the printed tiles; we received three 2x4 tiles and one 1x2 mobile phone, all of which again are to a high standard of printing and on official LEGO parts. They have a huge variety on their store, each costing £2.95 each, and we love the unique designs that would be great for any LEGO MOC. Check out the range of posters they offer here:

You can check out their website here:

And what's more, you can use the code 'tipsnbricks' to get 15% off when you spend £20 and more!


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