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#83 TECHNIQUES - Created cylindrical shapes

Today's technique was designed by James Shields, who was thinking of ideas for making a custom UCS Falcon. This is his attempt at the docking rings, which use a clever technique to achieve the brilliant shape he was able to create.

He utilizes the bar holder with clip piece to connect the plates to the cylindrical bar in the middle. The side without the clip fits nicely into a 1x2 plate, if attached to the middle tube and its sides are parallel to the long sides of the 1x2 plate as seen in the pictures. These techniques come together and allow the plates to be attached at angles which create the shape of the docking rings, and look smooth with very few gaps.

This technique can be used for many other cylindrical or cone shapes you need to achieve in your MOC; a few changes to the pieces will allow you to make these but the idea remains the same.

Check out his Flickr out for some great techniques and awesome featured MOCs:


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