#848 MOC of the Week: What Lurks Beneath The Mists

This week's featured MOC is a breath-taking scene by Andrew JN on Flickr! It depicts a terrifying sea monster attacking a crew of fisherman with it's many tentacles. These are cleverly constructed to show the antistuds of plates to create a great texture, and this combined with the floating rocks and dynamic water make for an awesome MOC!

Check it out on Flickr here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/111504073@N02/35480944052/in/photolist-214u7Me-e1P6JD-kVfQ1V-W3tBFs-cjiQJd-oPTSCr-ouMjAn-oS2X2z-W4k7wG-rY1tD8-hSGm3w-qFbSCo-qbX2qZ-2xDDJs-6N1TE6-z6sQE-TBRvE5-R4gwfp-okn9uH-qfmGk5/