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#853 REVIEW: BrickWarriors custom minifigures

Updated: May 1, 2021

Today we are reviewing a custom printed minifigure from BrickWarriors. Minifigures have always been one of my favourite parts of LEGO, and the custom printed ones by BricWarrior do not disappoint, Printed on official LEGO parts, the quality is incredible with printing all over the arms and legs, unlike most official figures. However, because of this great detail, the price is very premium, with this minifigure selling for €50. They are cheaper minifigures available too, as well as just accessories you can buy for a few dollars that we would definitely recommend, but we do think the whole quality is worth the premium price tag.

BrickWarriors have kindly supplied us with a 20% discount code for you all to use on any products at their store: Tips&Bricks20’ so whether you are interested in a custom minifigure or just a few accesories, it’s worth heading over to their website and checking out the products they have on offer:


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