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#90 TECHNIQUES - Brick-built chairs

Instead of just using a chair piece, we can make brick-built ones, which literally just means its a combination of bricks and not just one piece. Today we will look at my design as well as one from MOC pages from a user called Milan Madge

To create the tan-coloured chair, I used SNOT (Studs Not On Top) techniques such a SNOT bricks and hinges. In the first version with arm rests, I had to make the back 1 brick wide to fit in the armrests which are antenna or lever pieces attached to "headlight" bricks. While in the second version, the back is thinner because it is a combination of hinges. This allows the chair to bend and fit the minifigure well. They both use cheese slopes, positioned with hinges to "cushion" the minifigures head. Which one do you prefer?

The other chair uses sloped pieces to achieve the look of a cushioned one-seater couch. A classic chair piece is integrated well into the design which allows a minifigure to sit inside it but have arm rests thanks to the sloped bricks.


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