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#91 Favourite Brick Friday: 30602 2x2 Curved Lip

The 2x2 Curved Lip may just look like another slope, but it has unique properties that make it useful in MOCs. It has a height of 3 plates or 1 brick so differs to a regular 2x2 slope which has a height of 2 plates, as well as having a more defined shape.

This shape allows it to fit together with multiples of the piece to form a circle, if positioned sideways with SNOT bricks. It works because the piece is perfectly rounded and has a protruding edge with an angle of 45 degrees, allowing it to fit together with others. This is an excellent way to create a uniquely sized circle that cannot be made with just regular rounded plates or bricks.

You may also find the 2x2 Curved Lip used to finish off surfaces; such as on motorbikes or speeders. This is because of its defined shape which make it a more refined and detailed choice to give a better overall look and finish.


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