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#92 TIPS: Types of SNOT piece and where to use them

They are many ways to use SNOT in your MOC, and the easiest way is probably using pieces that have studs already built into their sides. Today we will go over the different types of SNOT bricks and where it is best to use them.

We shall start with 1x1 headlight bricks, which have an indent in the brick. This means any piece attached to it will be indented into the brick so regular bricks cannot be built on top of it when in use. It is useful when you want a stud or plate to be indented into the main body, as it doesn't stick out as much as the others, making it ideal for lights, hence the name "headlight".

Next we have the SNOT bricks, which are probably the most common and come in a range of sizes. These can be easily integrated into a MOC because they are just regular brick with studs on the side. They can be used for many purposes as the plates attached to the SNOT bricks will lie flat against the brick, make them useful for simple SNOT techniques.

Brackets allow you to utilize SNOT without having a lot of space to work with. This is because, as modified plates, they only have a thickness of 1 plate so can be slipped in to any design easily, and the bracket part will go over regular bricks. However, this means the plates will not lie flat to the bricks, so these are harder to combine with the other variants.

Lastly we have the a category which includes all the other SNOT pieces that are unique. This allows them to have specific uses such as advanced techniques, where a certain angle is needed.


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