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#945 SET REVIEW: 75257 Millennium Falcon

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Today we're reviewing the latest and greatest Millennium Falcon set! We were kindly sent this set by The Lego Group but all our views will be as unbiased as possible.

In general, we loved the upgrades the designers made in terms of building techniques - especially closing the gaps between the roof sections - but the set could do with some more unique minifigures and a definite reduction in price.

But let's really breakdown this set - the building techniques, unique and useful parts and last but not least the minifigures.

Firstly the techniques; as mentioned there's a big improvement on some aspects of the design due to new techniques and parts. The most noticeable change is the removal of the gaps in the roofs that don't actually utilise any new parts, just the 1x4 swivel plates which position wedge plates directly next to on another. Because of this, when folding out the roof to access the interior there is now 1 connection point instead of 3, although that's not necessarily a bad thing.

As well as that technique, the classic techniques used in other falcons are worth mentioning - using clips and hinges positioned sideways to create the different angles of the classic ship:

Other noticeable mentions go to the utilisation of several new or unique pieces as shown below, with a nice upgrade to the turrets using ski poles:

Next, let's take a look at the parts we selected from the set for being particularly unique, interesting or useful. Our favourites have to be the 1x1 bracket, pipe and 1x3 jumper plate pieces. As well as those shown, there's plenty of regular and wedge plates that are great for building up your part collection, so if you do manage to see it at a discounted price it's worth picking it up for the pieces alone.

Talking about value for money, let's hop over to talking about the minifigures. Although of course we want new designs for new characters, the more exclusive minifigures the more the set can generally hold it's value in the future. Although it's great to get old Lando, Finn in his episode 9 attire and that random Resistance spy we saw for a whole 5 seconds, the other figures are pretty common. In comparison to the Kessel Run falcon which had an abundance of new figures, I think this version won't hold it's value quite as well.

Additionally, onto the retail price of the set - £149.99, $159.99 or 159.99for 1341 pieces - which isn't great. Of course, sets nowadays have increased prices with inflation, but take the set Kylo Ren's shuttle for example, which was £99.99

$129.99 or 119.99€ for 1005 parts - a significant reduction if you're in the UK like myself. However said this, looking on Brickset it's already being sold for much cheaper, so it is possible to get for the right price if you're smart - but the point is it should be priced correctly in the first place!

That concludes our review but we'd be interested to know your thoughts either in this post's comment section or the Facebook/Instagram posts.

Even though we'd recommend waiting for a larger discount on if you want to pick it up, if you're interested Amazon UK have a small discount right now:


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