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#95 TECHNIQUES - Lowell Sphere

Today we will look at a well known technique by Bruce Lowell, so famous it has been named after him as the "Lowell Sphere".

It involves SNOT bricks that angle the plates side ways and uses important piece placement, to build up a sphere gradually using only plates and no rounded pieces but ending up with a reasonably smooth and sphere like shape. (see 1st picture for instructions to make a version of it)

It has been used for many MOCs over the years; from Death Stars to apples and Yoshi's to TIE Fighters. The techniques of using just regular and jumper plates has been adapted to fulfil other shapes that aren't just spheres; basically anything that needs to be rounded can be achieved with the Lowell Sphere!

Check out this website which is all about the Lowell Sphere, its application and origin:


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