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#97 TECHNIQUES - Building upside down

There are many ways to build sideways with LEGO and it is fairly easy to do with the range of SNOT (Studs Not On Top) pieces. Building upside down however is a new subject entirely, and one which we will look at today. Here are 2 techniques that can be used for building upside down and for the purpose of this post I will use them for a 4x4 plate that needs to be positioned.

The first uses SNOT 2x2 modified plates that have studs built into its sides. One can be placed facing up and one facing down, combining them together to allow you to build on all sides (see pictures for details). This technique provides a very strong connection and allows you to build easily on the sides as well as the bottom because of the SNOT bricks.

The second is my own design (but could have been used by others before)and uses rail pieces to build upside down. The rails fit well into a 1 stud high tiled space, so can be turned upside down but remains in place if bricks are built up around it. This provides a compact solution to positioning a 4x4 plate upside down but the connection is not as strong as the first.


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