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#99 TIPS: Flush

Today we will look at a certain piece of terminology, which is the word flush. It is an adjective, meaning completely level or even with another surface. This applies to LEGO as in general you want your build to have flush surfaces, with as little gaps as possible. This helps enhance your MOC as it will not look good if the surfaces don't flow into each other.

It is fairly easy to keep your builds flush when building normally, but when using SNOT (Studs Not On Top) it can be hard to do, because of the different SNOT pieces. The SNOT bricks will make the attached pieces lie flat to the surface, while a bracket gives small gaps between the attached pieces and the surface. Certain combinations of SNOT pieces can be combined to give flush surfaces and reduce the gaps in your MOC, such as those seen in the first image.

Another context where flush surfaces should be considered is the 75105 Millennium Falcon. The panels that can be lifted are not flush, and therefore let lots of light through, letting the build down greatly. You can see in the second image the subtle differences I have made to it to decrease the size of the gaps with some different and extra pieces.


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