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August 2018 - MONTHLY UPDATE

This August has been incredibly busy, but after all the hard work, I'm pleased to announce that the website is set up and ready to go live tomorrow! I'll be sure to make a post detailing all of the features.

As well as the website, I have tried to improve the quality of posts this month. I have done this by trying to go into more detail in terms of the specific pieces used. I will also be updating the cover photo with a new image today. This is to be more consistent with the website when it's launched.

I'm thrilled to announce a partnership with the amazing company Lightailing; they produce high quality LED lighting kits for LEGO sets. I'll be doing a review on one of their products soon, but in the meantime check out their website and products here:

Unfortunately, the new builder's handbook will not be at the launch of the website. It's currently not to a standard where I feel happy selling it, so expect it sometime this month. I'll be sure to let you all know when its available.

Lastly, I would to say a huge thank to each and everyone of you that has supported the page by liking, commenting and sharing all of our posts. Thanks to all your support we have now reached 2000 likes on Instagram! This is only the beginning, and the website is the first of many steps in providing you all with the very best content I can!

Don't forgot to check out today's post, it's a pretty good one!


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