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July 1st; the 2 year anniversary of Tips&Bricks!

2 years since I decided to start a blog to help me improve as a builder and share the journey with others; and I never would have expected the audience I would be able to reach. Thank you all for your continued support and to celebrate we have a few announcements.

As previously announced, we are working on our next handbook; Tree Techniques. It will feature tutorials for over 30 unique tree techniques at minifigure scale and we've made good progress on the development, but have set the release date back to August 1st to make sure we produce the best possible product. In the meantime, enjoy a sneak peak of one page of the handbook and look out for more information coming throughout July.

We also want to announce a change in our pricing. To facilitate for the Tree Technique handbook coming in August and the physical handbooks coming in September, we are reducing the price of the 'Advanced General Techniques Handbook' to £7.99. If you haven't already, make sure you check it out and the other 2 free ebooks we offer on our website.

Once again thank you all for your support and here's to many more years of Tips&Bricks!


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