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LATEST NEWS: Now recruiting for contributors + D&I staff!

Hi everyone, Alex here, founder and manager at Tips&Bricks. In the summer of 2020 I decided to recruit some extra hands to help me run Tips&Bricks. Following that summer, 7 individuals were onboarded and together we’ve taken the blog to new heights – an updated look, more detailed posts than ever and our commitment to Diversity and Inclusion. Above all else I’m incredibly grateful to have a team that is kind, knowledgeable, passionate, ambitious and first-most a team of friends who love LEGO!

So it’s with great pleasure that today we’re announcing we are once again recruiting for contributors, as well as D&I staff!

For all the details check out the images in this post and to apply please fill out the Google form here:

We can’t wait to read over your applications, and if you have an questions comment on this post or drop us a message.

Additionally please share this post with anyone or any groups that you think may be interested.


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